Color Blocking

Fall 2011 Fashion Trend:

 Color Blocking

Here's a new way to mix up your solid pieces.

Colorblocked look at Narciso Rodriguez

Tired of basic black? Are you done with the same old boring prints and solids? Then fall's trend of color blocking will definitely appeal to you.
Not only is color blocking a nod to the art world (thanks, Mondrian!) it's also a great way to remix solid colors in your wardrobe to wear them in a fresh way.
How to Wear Color Blocking
There are a few different ways to wear color blocking. One is to buy a color blocked item that is already printed or sewn into color blocks, like the item pictured.
Another way to wear color blocking is to take two or three colors and wear them together. For example, you could wear a gray sweater with a black skirt and burgundy scarf.
Here are more tips for carrying off color blocking:
  • Some fashionistas recommend going with colors that are opposite on the color wheel, but color blocking can work fine if you also wear colors that are closely related (Michelle Obama has worked royal blue and purple and it looked great.)
  • An easy way to choose colors is to make sure they are the same intensity. For example, if you decide that your colors are going to be yellow, brown and red, go with similar hues like mustard, rust and barn red. You can try something funky like school bus yellow with rust and tomato red, but it takes a deft styling hand to pull it off.
  • Don't add prints to the mix. When you are wearing color blocking, let that be the story and don't add any more prints into the mix.

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