Diet and Food

 Diet and Food 
Food and Diet is such an incredibly important part of our lives. Every day we need food to sustain ourselves. However, not just any food will do. We should always exercise caution and be selective when we can regard what type of food we put into our body. That being said, there are many people who choose not to eat healthy because they don't have the mental fortitude and wherewithal to turn away from tempting foods that are bad for them.
Here's an example. In an effort to eat better, You decided that You would forego all of the sugary, carb heavy foods that You normally eat such as bread, butter, cookies, pies and fast food. Instead, I am now trying to revert back to the way You used to eat before You got out of college. You see, when we have someone else making our food for us, we often don't think twice about what is healthy versus what is not healthy. When You was in college, You had the food at the dining hall. When You didn't eat at the dining hall, You was racking up debt on my credit cards eating out; and while You ate out quite a bit, You always somehow managed to eat relatively healthy. Eating became a problem after college was over and it was time to step into the real world. No longer leaning on the total support of an academic institution to provide me with free meals, and having racked up a ton of debt eating out was no longer an option; You had little money but was still hungry. So what are your options when you don't have the money to spend on healthy foods that cost more? You eat poorly.
Rather than go to the supermarket and purchase the necessary ingredients needed to make a healthy meal for myself which would've taken anywhere from twenty to thirty minutes to make, You opted instead to stop in at the local fast food restaurant. And even though You would order what You thought was the healthiest choice on the menu (typically some sort of chicken deal), it turned out that it still wasn't that great for me. The funny thing about eating poorly is that your health almost immediately suffers. In my case, You am a runner; and having been used to a relatively healthy diet to then go to one that is in the dumps, You began to feel sluggish. You was having trouble getting out of bed in the mornings. your feet felt like they were dragging up the hills, and You became increasingly irritable and couldn't think straight. If that wasn't enough, You began to put on a little weight- hardly noticeable, but noticeable enough to me.The lesson to be learned here is that we must learn to treat our bodies as if they were temples. Before you pick up food to eat, think twice

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