Handmade Tooth Fairy Pillow

Handmade Tooth Fairy Pillow

Product Description

Tooth Fairy Pillow - Personalized

6" x 6" not including ribbon for hanging.

Our Tooth Fairy Pillows are made from linen and fleece. The back is fleece to match the pocket on the front.

Each Pillow comes with an attached ribbon with a tooth fairy charm and bell, and a little poem card from the Tooth Fairy to your child.

The outside of the card reads...

A Message from the Tooth Fairy Specially for you.

The inside reads...

You've lost a tooth it's plain to see

you need a visit from the Tooth Fairy.

Just ring my bell and hang the charm

that will send me a special alarm.

I'll know it's time to stop on by,

to pick up your tooth

and leave a surprise.

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